Before contacting us we recommend reading this page to assure you of the quality of our products, as well as the timeliness of your order.




- What size are the posters?


Each poster is 20x30 cm, the perfect size for any personal space.


- What are the posters made of?


The posters are made from high quality tin, which ensures that they are sturdy and lightweight. The premium quality of this tin not only allows our posters to stand out on your wall, but also to easily remain on your wall with the tape strips provided with your order.


- Where do these posters ship from?


We have 3 shipping warehouses worldwide: China, India and South Africa. Once you place your order our system will take into account current shipping times, your country, and current events to pick which warehouse would be the best to ship from. On average it takes 2-6 weeks from purchasing to receive your order, but rest assured that it will reach you as soon as possible!


- Are these made to order?


Yes! Our designs are printed to satisfy customer demand, so you are guaranteed to get the design you choose - we will never run out of stock!